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Shenzhen AUTO Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, design, production, sales, installation and training of simulated lightning strike experimental impact platform, lightning surge waveform generator, lightning online monitoring system, SPD automatic test equipment, lightning protection component test instrumentation, etc.
Scientific and technological innovation is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. AUTO science and technology always stands at the forefront of industrial technology and management, and drives the development of enterprises with innovative technology. AUTO technology has a group of professional and technical personnel who have been engaged in lightning protection industry for many years, among which research and development, engineering and technical personnel account for more than 70%, university degree personnel account for more than 90%. Relying on the advantages of high-level innovative talents and competitive advantages in the industry, the company has obtained many major breakthroughs in the field of lightning surge test and lightning protection industry research and development.
The company has close technical links with many lightning protection manufacturers at home and abroad. The products developed and manufactured by the company have successfully maintained long-term and stable cooperation with other relevant industries and manufacturers, such as railway system, petrochemical system, meteorological system, safety supervision system, telecommunication operators, national power grid, SPD industry, lightning protection component industry, power supply industry, lightning protection engineering company, communication equipment manufacturer and so on.

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