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Warm congratulations to our company won the six national computer software copyright certificate

Browse times:2505 Release time:2019-5-7

Recently, according to the computer software protection ordinance and the Measures for registration of computer software copyright regulation, upon examination and approval by the China copyright protection center, the national copyright administration of the People's Republic of China for our submission of the SPD testing marking measurement and control software, the lightning protection components multifunction tester for measurement and control software, the dry reed pipe tester measurement and control software, the thunder electric wave intelligent acquisition system software, the lightning surge generator test system software, the lightning test rig measurement and control system software and so on six as the original software copyright and shall be registered and starting from the date of certified, The copyright of these six control software will be effectively protected by the China copyright protection center.

The 6 items, the software copyright certificate acquired on our intellectual property work has the milestone significance, means that our company through independent research and development of independent intellectual property rights obtained the authority of the recognition and affirmation, is advantageous to the company to perfect the protection of intellectual property rights system, the formation mechanism of continuous innovation, technology leadership, keep company's core competitiveness, improve the company's brand awareness, sustainable development will have a positive effect on company business.

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