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Explore the integration of resources for the lightning protection industry chain and build a new type of lightning protection industry chain ecosystem

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President Xu Chunming and deputy secretary-general Xiao Hong were invited to attend the “Introduction of Investment Promotion Project in Shaoguan Lechang City”. The companies that attended the meeting were Mr. Chen, Zhuhai Deliwan, Mr. Liu, Shenzhen Golder, and Shenzhen Witco. General Manager of the company, such as Shenzhen Szeppe Communications Corporation Tao. Gao Zhong, executive deputy mayor of Lechang City, and Wang Jun, director of the China Merchants Bureau, introduced the economic and trade development status of Lechang City, the government's subsidy preferential policies and investment projects for enterprises. With the continuous increase in the cost of manufacturing in Shenzhen, many industries have gradually moved from Shenzhen to neighboring cities.

The mayor stated that in order to do a good job in Shenzhen's industrial transfer and docking, the city government successively introduced the investment promotion, private economy and tourism policies of Lechang City in April this year. It plans to provide 1.28 billion investment and financing services for enterprises, and builds on the advantages of regional economic and trade development. Eight characteristic industrial projects, such as electronic components, are looking forward to creating a good business environment for entrepreneurs in Shenzhen's mine protection industry with efficient government services.
President Xu said that China's lightning protection industry is currently in a period of reshuffle. Integrating industrial chain resources, reducing excess capacity, and transforming and upgrading are a way out for the sustainable and sound development of lightning protection enterprises. Currently, the Association is making efforts to explore the work of promoting the integration of industrial chain resources. Build a batch of competitive lightning protection enterprises for the lightning protection industry. With the improvement of various transportation facilities and good policy support, Lechang Industrial Transfer Industrial Park is one of the selected areas for establishing lightning protection industrial parks.       Liu Xianhuan, general manager of Shenzhen Golder, said that the company has invested in Lechang Industrial Transfer Industrial Park and the new park is expected to be put into use in early 2017. Responsible persons attending the company also actively discussed and reached a consensus step by step, and also focused the Lechang Industrial Transfer Industrial Park as the preferred area for follow-up industrial transfer.
Located in the south of the Nanling Mountains and the northernmost point of Guangdong, Lechang City is the center of the intersection of four provinces (regions) of Guangdong, Hunan, Guangxi and Guizhou. It is known as the “Northern Gate of Guangdong”. Lechang City Transportation:
1. Highways The Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Highway, Leguang-Guangzhou Expressway, National Highway G107, Line S248, Line S345, and Platform Dairy Line are the major traffic arteries in the north and south. Among them, the Guangzhou-Guangzhou high-speed highway has become an important major channel for other provinces to enter Guangdong. Second, the railway Beijing-Guangzhou Railway (Lechang domestic Lechang Station, Ping Shi Station), Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail (Lechang East Station is under construction, in the spring of 2017 put into use).
Third, the airport Shaoguan Danxiashan Airport (military airport in the 70s), started rehabilitation in 2016, put into use in 2018. The project covers an area of 14,000 mu and is 16 kilometers away from Lechang City. The design plan is mainly for freight airports, supplemented by medium-sized passenger planes and private business aircraft. Shaoguan City Government has already reached a cooperation agreement with Baiyun Airport. Danxiashan Airport, as an important standby airport of Baiyun Airport, will divert large volumes of cargo to Shaoguan. In 2016, the Shaoguan Airport Logistics Park will be planned and designed around the airport.
4. Others Huanggang Town, 40 kilometers away from Lechang City, is planned to build Shaoguan City Railway Logistics Center. Shaoguan Beijiang Shipping Terminal is undergoing the “5 to 3” project construction, that is, the Beijiang shipping capacity has been transformed from 500 tons to 1000 tons. In the 13th Five-Year Plan of Shaoguan, Beijiang Waterway will extend to Guitou Town, which is 30 kilometers away from Lechang City. The Lechang City Government is actively striving to extend the fairway into Changlai Town, Lechang City. The Shaoguan City Government cooperates with Shenzhen Yantian Port to carry out Tiehai Transport. There is a bonded warehouse in Shaoguan City, which provides convenience for import and export companies.
In the 13th Five-Year Plan, Lechang will create a full range of investment and business space for land, sea and air to create a good service environment for merchants investing in Lele.
The investment promotion projects in Lechang Industrial Transfer Industrial Park include machinery manufacturing, textile and clothing, rock wool, glass wool products and fluorite deep processing products, electronic component projects, standard plant projects, deep processing of agricultural products, and agricultural aquatic product breeding projects. The charcoal deep-processing and derivative products, leisure travel, country houses, ancient village development, and eight types of investment projects in the business services industry.
In 2016, Lechang City took the lead in implementing the demonstration project of improving execution capacity: Shandong Yihecheng (Shaoguan Southern Sunshine) 120000 tons of new material project.

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