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Decision of the State Council on Optimizing Lightning Permits for Construction Projects

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People's governments of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions of the State Council, and agencies directly under the State Council:
According to the reform requirements of simplifying administration and decentralizing power, integrating management, and optimizing service coordination, we will reduce the burden on enterprises in order to reduce redundant permits and duplicate supervision of construction projects, further clarify and implement the responsibilities of relevant government departments, and strengthen post-event supervision and protection. Construction project lightning protection, now make the following decision:
I. Integrate part of construction project lightning protection license
(1) Integrate the design review and acceptance acceptance of lightning protection devices for housing construction projects and municipal infrastructure projects undertaken by the meteorological department into the review of construction drawings for construction projects and acceptance of records for completion acceptance, and be supervised by the housing and urban-rural construction departments to effectively optimize the process, Shorten time limits and increase efficiency.
(2) Inflammable and explosive construction projects and sites such as oil depots, gas depots, ammunition depots, chemical warehouses, fireworks, petrochemicals, etc., mining areas, tourist attractions, or structures (structures) that have been put into use in lightning-prone areas. Facilities such as facilities that require separate installation of lightning protection devices, and large-scale projects that have high lightning risk and do not have lightning protection standards and require special argumentation, still have the meteorological department responsible for the lightning protection device design review and acceptance of completion acceptance.
(3) The lightning protection management of professional construction projects such as roads, waterways, railways, civil aviation, water conservancy, electric power, nuclear power, communications, etc. shall be undertaken by various professional departments.
II. Clearance and Compliance of Lightning Protection Authority Qualifications
Cancel the meteorological department's qualification approval for lightning protection professional engineering design and construction units; the design and construction of lightning protection for new construction, reconstruction, and expansion construction projects may obtain corresponding construction, highways, waterways, railways, civil aviation, water conservancy, electricity, nuclear power, communications, etc. Professional engineering design, construction qualification units to bear. At the same time, regulate lightning detection behavior, reduce the access threshold for lightning protection devices, fully open the lightning protection device inspection market, allow enterprises and institutions to apply for lightning detection qualifications, encourage social organizations and individuals to participate in lightning protection technology services, and promote lightning protection. The disaster relief service market is developing healthily.
Third, further strengthen the construction project lightning protection safety supervision
(1) The meteorological department must strengthen the organization and management of the lightning disaster prevention work, do a good job in lightning monitoring, forecasting and early warning, lightning disaster investigation and identification, and lightning protection popular science propaganda, divide lightning-prone areas and their prevention levels, and make timely announcements to the public.
(2) Each relevant department shall, in accordance with the principle of who is responsible for examination and approval, who is responsible, and who supervises, effectively perform the duties of lightning protection supervision for construction projects, take effective measures, and clearly define and implement the design, construction, supervision, inspection units, and owner units of the construction project. The main responsibility for the quality and safety of lightning protection projects. At the same time, local governments at all levels must continue to perform their duties in light of the supervision of lightning protection and implement the responsibility for lightning disaster prevention.
(3) The China Meteorological Administration and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development shall work with relevant departments to establish a lightning protection management mechanism for construction projects, strengthen guidance and coordination, cooperate with each other, improve standards and standards, study and resolve major issues in mine management, and optimize the approval process. Agency service behavior.
The specific scope of lightning protection permits for construction projects is divided by the China Meteorological Administration, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Central Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Water Resources, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office, the National Energy Administration, and the National Railways. The Bureau and the Civil Aviation Administration of China will study and determine and implement responsibilities, announce to the public in time, and complete the relevant handover work by the end of 2016. The relevant departments shall revise the "Meteorological Disaster Prevention Regulations" in accordance with the procedures, and clean up and revise the departmental regulations involved. The General Office of the State Council organizes inspections in due course and urges all departments and regions to implement the reform requirements within the prescribed time limit.
This decision shall be implemented as of the date of issuance. If there is any inconsistency between this provision and this decision, this decision shall be implemented.

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