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China Meteorological Administration Requests Strengthening Safety Supervision for Lightning Protection and Disaster Reduction

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A few days ago, the China Meteorological Administration issued a notice requesting the active implementation of the responsibility of the meteorological department for the management of lightning disaster defense organizations, and further strengthen the supervision and control of lightning protection and disaster reduction.
The China Meteorological Administration requires that regulations on the detection of lightning protection devices be examined and approved in accordance with laws and regulations. Each provincial-level meteorological authority must take full responsibility of the main body and carry out examination and examination of qualifications in strict accordance with statutory authority, legal procedures, and time limits for examination and approval. The meteorological bureaus of all provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government) shall organize or entrust third-party professional and technical organizations to perform regular or irregular assessments of the quality of detection by lightning protection devices in their respective jurisdictions, and publicly assess the results in a timely manner to further standardize the behavior of service agencies and employees. Effectively solve the problem of increasing illegal activities following the release of the market.
In terms of improving the safety supervision and control of lightning protection and disaster reduction, meteorological departments at all levels must actively communicate and coordinate with relevant local authorities, establish and implement the regular working mechanism for lightning protection safety management of construction projects, and promote the establishment of a multi-sectoral collaborative supervision mechanism and information sharing mechanism. To implement the localization of administrative enforcement, reduce the level of administrative enforcement, and shift the focus of administrative law enforcement, municipal meteorological departments are mainly responsible for administrative law enforcement. Strengthen cooperation with safety supervision departments, carry out joint supervision, implement coordinated supervision and joint punishment.
Meteorological departments at all levels shall, in accordance with the requirements of the reform of the State Council's “distribution service” reform, strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, and firmly establish a sense of discipline. They shall adhere to five red lines in their work: First, all administrative approvals shall not charge fees, including the detection and certification of lightning protection devices, and Mine equipment design review and completion acceptance; Second, the administrative approval of the intermediary services has been canceled, mine evaluation and lightning protection product testing shall not be linked to the approval, shall not be used as pre-conditions for the approval; the third is to receive technical services, The evaluation of lightning protection device design technology and the detection of newly-built, rebuilt or expanded lightning protection devices for buildings (structures) and buildings shall be based on the principles of who approves, who entrusts, and who pays. All shall not be charged to administrative counterparts; Personnel ability evaluation requires that the provincial-level meteorological society that undertakes evaluation and separation shall not organize training and charges. Fifth, the qualification management of lightning detection shall be resolutely released in accordance with the law, be fair and just, and resolutely put an end to the differences in standards and close ties. Stop eating and taking cards to wait.
The notice also pointed out that we must actively participate in lightning protection technology services. The meteorological bureaus of all provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government) shall clearly define the responsibilities of the meteorological disaster prevention centers at the provincial, city, and county levels according to their actual work, bear lightning-prone areas and their classifications for prevention, climatic feasibility studies, meteorological disaster investigation and identification, and emergency response. The formulation of the plan and the technical service after the administrative examination and approval have taken full advantage of the technical support.

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