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The initial formation of a lightning protection regulatory standard system leads the development of the industry

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According to Zhang Minglu, a reporter from China Meteorological News, China Meteorological Administration recently issued nine meteorological standards, including "Lightning Protection Safety Inspection Regulations," "Protecting Lightning Safety Management Regulations," and "Standards for the Construction of Quality Assurance Systems for Lightning Protective Device Testers." Up to now, a market-oriented, scientific and reasonable lightning protection regulatory system has taken initial shape, including 7 national standards and 63 industry standards.
The lightning protection supervision standard system covers the technical specifications of lightning protection device detection, lightning protection professional and technical personnel, lightning protection design, lightning disaster statistics, lightning disaster emergency treatment, etc., aiming at flammable and explosive places, rural houses, large bridges, and tourist attractions. Lightning protection in many fields, such as primary and secondary schools. In the implementation process, the lightning protection supervision standard system plays a role in regulating and leading the development of the lightning protection industry, and effectively guarantees economic and social development and the people's lives and property.
It is reported that since the "Decision of the State Council on Optimizing the Construction Project Lightning Protection Permit" was introduced, the lightning protection supervision method has been further changed, and the transition from pre-approval to focus on post-event supervision has been implemented, and there is an urgent need to further improve the lightning protection supervisory standard system. Provide basic and supporting standards for lightning protection supervision. On November 25, 2016, the China Meteorological Administration issued the "Work Program for the Construction of a Lightning Surveillance Standards System" in accordance with the principle of "emphasizing key points, focusing on practical results, performing duties according to law, fair supervision, and urgently using prior and division of labor" to focus on Shanghai, The resources and strengths of the Meteorological Bureau of the province (municipality) in Zhejiang, Anhui, Guangdong, and Chongqing, which have certain lightning protection supervision experience, have successively issued the “Leading Disaster Risk Zoning Technical Guide” and “Professional Requirements for the Detection of Professional Technical Staff of Lightning Protection Devices”. The "Professional Capability Evaluation of Professional Protective Equipment for Lightning Protection Devices" and "Standards for the Construction of Quality Control Systems for Lightning Protection Device Testing Units" and other standards.
The China Meteorological Administration will further strengthen the propaganda and implementation of the lightning protection safety supervision standards and raise the awareness of the entire industry in implementing the lightning protection safety supervision standards. Continuing on the reform requirements of the State Council's “distribution management service”, we will focus on the revision of the regulatory standards for lightning protection for flammable and explosive sites that are responsible for examination and approval of meteorological departments after the optimization of mine protection permits for construction projects; and timely improve the lightning protection in accordance with the country’s new reform spirit. On the basis of the relevant management system, the simultaneous revision part does not meet the standards required for the development of the lightning protection industry and enhances the authority of the lightning protection supervision standards.

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