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It’s important to strengthen mine awareness when it comes to blasting

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New features of modern lightning disasters: no penetration, no harm.
In recent years, with the increasing number of tall buildings in urban and rural areas, and the acceleration of network and information construction, computer network systems, monitoring systems, information systems, and household appliances have been widely used, and lightning disasters have also shown new features.
Jilin Provincial Mine Prevention and Disaster Reduction Center staff told Ji Net and Ji Ke APP reporter that modern lightning disasters have intruded from two-dimensional space into three-dimensional space intrusion, and lightning surges and overvoltage waves increase along the pipeline to the pulsed electromagnetic field of space lightning. Invade any corner in the form of three-dimensional space, creating disasters without holes. The increasing number of tall buildings in both urban and rural areas has increased the chance of being struck by lightning. The area affected by the disaster has increased, and the affected people have concentrated on electronic devices. According to statistics, about 86% of the lightning disasters are caused by indirect lightning strikes. The disaster-affected industries include radio and television, telecommunications, finance, and transportation. The degree of damage caused by thunderstorms is also increasing. In addition to the direct damage caused by lightning strikes on people’s lives and property, the resulting indirect economic losses and impacts are also increasing. Inflammable and explosive places have become the hardest hit areas for lightning disasters. Due to the special nature of flammable and explosive places, if lightning protection facilities are imperfectly prone to lightning disasters, the resulting secondary disasters have great social impact.
Most of the incidents caused by lightning strikes occurred in rural areas: most houses lacked lightning protection devices
Jilin Province has a vast rural area and frequent lightning strikes in rural areas during the thunderstorm season have brought serious threats to the life and property of the peasants. The countryside is a frequent area of thunder and lightning activity, and it is also a weak area for lightning protection. According to incomplete statistics, from 2002 to 2015, lightning accidents occurred in rural Jilin Province accounted for about 1/3 of the total lightning disasters, and about 90% of the lightning accidents occurred in rural areas.
It is important to strengthen mine awareness when the spring thunder strikes
It is understood that the reasons for the frequent occurrence of thunder and lightning disasters in rural areas are that, in addition to the objective production and activity sites that are broad and unable to take effective protective measures, there are also factors such as weak awareness of mine protection, lack of knowledge of mine protection, and lack of lightning protection devices. Rural houses are almost “homeless”, that is, most houses lack lightning protection devices. The second is that newly built self-constructed houses in rural areas have not yet been incorporated into the lightning protection supervision system. Various types of incoming lines have been introduced overhead, which has led to the occurrence of lightning accidents in household appliances and communications equipment. The lack of knowledge of lightning defense, when thunderstorms are often peasants rain labor, or carrying a metal farm tool in the wilderness, field laps, running, or riding a motorcycle speeding, or under the telephone poles, trees under the rain, it is These improper measures have made them the objects of lightning discharge.
More than two-thirds of the victims of lightning were attacked outdoors, and one in three people died. Of the people killed by lightning, 85% are women, and they are mostly between the ages of 10 and 35. Most of them are thunderstorms under the trees. If the rural residents can fully improve their awareness of lightning protection and master the knowledge of lightning protection, the incidence of lightning accidents in rural areas can be greatly reduced or reduced.
Avoiding Lightning Disaster Risks: Improving Lightning Awareness
The lightning current generated by lightning is the main source of damage, and its hazards are direct lightning strikes, induced lightning strikes, and intrusive lightning guided by overhead lines. For example, overhead lines used in various lighting, telecommunication and other facilities may introduce lightning into the room, so strict precautions should be taken. Newly-built buildings should do a good job in lightning protection design audits and acceptance inspections to ensure that there are no design and quality issues for lightning protection devices before they are put into use. After the project is put into use, the annual lightning protection device safety inspection shall be carried out. Through detection, it is discovered whether the lightning protection device is still safe and reliable, and whether there is a safety hazard due to the damage of the lightning protection device. When installing outdoor facilities, professional lightning protection agencies should be instructed and tested for lightning protection measures. Lines entering or leaving a building should be avoided from laying overhead. Household appliances and electronic equipment should be disconnected from the power supply or installed with a surge protector.
In addition to the daily lightning protection in addition to the protection of buildings and other fixed places, human protection is also very important, stay indoors and close the doors and windows, people working outdoors should be hiding in the building; not suitable for use without lightning protection measures Insufficient lightning protection measures such as televisions, stereos, etc.; should not use faucets; do not touch antennas, water pipes, wire mesh, metal doors and windows, building exterior walls; keep away from electric lines and other live equipment or other similar metal devices; reduce the use of telephones and mobile phones; Do not swim or engage in other water sports or activities; outdoor ball games should not be used. In the event of a thunderstorm, you should immediately leave the water surface and other empty sites to seek shelter.

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