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President of the International Forum of Meteorological Societies(IFMS) visited the company

Browse times:2768 Release time:2019-4-23

On April 22, 2019, Dr. Harinder p. s. Ahluwalia, President of the International Forum of Meteorological Societies and a group of four visited our company. The high quality products and solutions of AUTO , as well as the good prospect of industrial development, are the important reasons that attract Dr. Ahluwalia to visit. Chairman Yang and President zhang of the company warmly received the guests from afar and the two sides had a friendly exchange in the meeting room of the company.

In the meeting room, the two sides introduced their respective situations. After preliminary understanding, Dr. Ahluwalia fully affirmed the comprehensive strength of our company.

After the meeting, accompanied by chairman Yang, the guest also visited the assembly workshop and exhibition room of the company, and conducted on-site operation, demonstration and explanation of the simulated lightning test impact equipment, lightning wave generator, lightning protection component tester, lightning online monitoring system and intelligent monitoring module that the customer was interested in. Customers are very satisfied with the originality, intelligence and stable quality characteristics of AUTO instruments and equipment.

Mr. Yang zhiwen, chairman of the board, expressed his gratitude to Dr. Ahluwalia for his visit, and said that Shenzhen AUTO automation technology co., ltd. will gradually expand new markets and bring the best quality products and services to customers with fine management and advanced technology. Dr. Ahluwalia said that AUTO's products and solutions have great market potential, and he hoped that both sides can establish long-term cooperative relationship and realize long-term and in-depth cooperation.

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