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The Four-in-one SPD Smart Monitoring Module of our company has passed the SGS laboratory test.

Browse times:3893 Release time:2019-12-10

After strict testing by SGS, 113 kinds of materials used in Four-in-one SPD Smart Monitoring Module of our company have passed RoHS 2.0 test, including lightning sensor, power supply, wire, patch material for digital tube and terminal.

Four-in-one SPD Smart Monitoring Module has been certified by SGS laboratory RoHS 2.0, which means that the product has met the eu environmental requirements and can enter the eu market. This will further improve our brand image and have important practical significance for the company to expand its international business.

The Four-in-one SPD Smart Monitoring Module by our company has many functions such as monitoring SCB or air break, monitoring SPD remote communication break, and monitoring lightning strike times, etc. In the production process, the high-standard production philosophy is implemented to ensure the excellent physical and electrical performance of the whole system. The successful passing of SGS laboratory test marks the continuous improvement of our company's comprehensive strength and further expands our marketing network at home and abroad. We will strive to become an international excellent brand.

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