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Multi-Thunderstorms in Summer City Lightning Protection Center Experts Introduce Lightning Knowledge to Citizens

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Guilin Lightning Protection Center experts said that when thunderstorms occur, they should leave the open areas as soon as possible to avoid, do not try to avoid thunderstorms under the trees, do not use electric water heaters in thunderstorms ... ... this kind of basic knowledge of lightning people are still relatively Familiar, but there are some lightning misunderstandings that everyone does not understand.

For example, many people think that metal items are easy to recruit and therefore are more likely to be damaged by lightning. The experts of the Municipal Lightning Protection Facility Monitoring Institute said that in fact, some items that are easy to recruit mines, such as metal water pipes, have good electrical conductivity and are quickly evacuated when they are struck by lightning. It is not easy to gather electrical energy by themselves. On the contrary, those objects that are not easily conductive, such as cement roofs and walls, are more likely to generate high-voltage locally when struck by lightning, and are more likely to be damaged by lightning.

Some people think that when a house with lightning rods is installed on the roof, it is safe to thunder. In fact, the lightning rod is just a part of the building's external lightning protection, and the lightning protection measures inside the house are equally important. During thunderstorms, even in a building with a lightning protection device, it is necessary to protect circuits, electrical appliances, and electronic equipment. Otherwise, serious damage will still occur.

Many people also believe that high-rise buildings are more likely to be the target of lightning strikes, and that low-rise buildings near high-rise buildings are safe. Lightning protection experts say the fact is not true. It is easy for high-rises to rush for thunder and buildings around high-rise buildings are also vulnerable to lightning strikes. If the low-rise house is on the edge of a high-rise, the possibility of being struck by lightning will not only decrease, but will increase greatly. Moreover, high-rise buildings generally have adopted relatively complete lightning protection facilities. When lightning strikes, the current is led into the ground through lightning protection devices. If the lightning protection facilities of the houses on the low-rise floors are not perfect, they may be damaged by lightning strikes.

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